The Percheron: The Samson of horses

Percheron is a breed of horse known for its strength, its resistance and its robustness. It is a very powerful animal and many specimens of this equine variety have often become the largest in the world. Known as “the Samson of horses” for its physical characteristics that bring it closer to the famous biblical hero, today we present it to you in depth, so that you can know it better.

History and origin of Percheron

This name derives from its place of origin, Le Perche, a town near Normandy, in France. Apparently, the Arabian horse has a lot to do with the development of this breed, which is why they both share many similar characteristics.

However, it seems that the exact origin dates back to 1823, when a robust and elegant horse named Jean Le Blanc was crossed with a beautiful mare of Le Perche. From there, breeders began to identify the new type of horse with the term Percheron.

Later, during the same century, the first specimens were brought to the United States. He soon became the favorite horse of farmers and merchants, thanks to his strength to pull carts full of all good. With the arrival of the tractor, the breed is obviously out of use and now risks disappearing.

Some farmers decided to take action to be able to preserve this formidable horse and, in 1960, the Percheron was reconverted into other equally useful activities. Used to tow sledges and buggies during events and shows, it has made itself known for its elegance and majesty.

The Percheron

Physical characteristics of Percheron

The noble carriage, the thick tail and the robust and powerful neck make the Percheron truly unique, making it stand out from all the other horses. Let’s take a closer look at the physical characteristics of this interesting horse breed.


Females can measure from 150 to 162 centimeters at the withers, unlike the 170 centimeters that males can even exceed.


Their legs are short but very muscular, with large and very strong hooves. The powerful neck gives this horse a truly impressive appearance, with its back capable of supporting any weight. Compact and solid, watching Percheron run and work is surprising: pure power.


His head is not very wide, but rather elongated, although it widens in the eye and forehead area. His ears are short and his eyes are large.


It is believed that an authentic Percheron should have shades ranging from black to gray. The purest nuances of these colors are much appreciated and sought after by equine specialists.


There are two varieties of Percheron, one smaller and one larger. In the first case, horses weigh between 500 and 800 kilos, while the largest can easily exceed 700, reaching up to 1200 kg.

Percheron character

In addition to its resistance, it is necessary to highlight its energy, lively intelligence, its docility and perseverance as a worker. Percheron has really many qualities.

All this makes it a highly sought-after horse for towing and transportation tasks. During their long history, these powerful horses have even pulled minibuses and cannons into war. Their obedience and ease of taming, together with the great docility, make it a perfect horse for every working activity.

Despite this adaptability to any task, the Percherón never loses its elegance. The strong and robust structure always moves in an absolutely harmonious way.

Take care of Percheron

This formidable race needs no special care, other than those required by any other horse. His hair will be brighter if you brush it every day, and he will be more obedient if he receives a sweet tame, feeling loved and respected. Like all animals, on the other hand …

That’s all you need to know about the Percheron horse and we wanted to share it with you. It is obvious that not everyone has the space to keep one as a pet, but now, if you see one, you will surely recognize it. Smart, gentle and excellent help for farming, this beautiful and elegant French horse is among the most important in the world.

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