The benefits of raising horses in the open air

Horses must be raised in the open air. This is fundamental for the correct development of these animals, and it is very important that the people who want to take care of them know the different breeds of horses and have all the resources necessary to do so. One of the essential things is space. You must think that as adults they are large animals and that they need to run.

Why is it important to raise horses in the open air?

The natural environments of horses are meadows and large surfaces. In this way, the movements they make to look for food and water keep them in shape; the horse lives in a pack, along with the other members of its species, and the more time it spends with them, the better.

If a mare has problems during childbirth and needs to be checked, she is put in a stable where the foals usually die because they are hit or crushed by the mother. Even in small enclosures they could be trampled. The newborn must be able to move immediately, run, play, integrate with the rest of the pack, etc. Staying inside a stable goes against nature and will negatively affect the character and health of the horse.

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The beginning of a life in freedom

In a breeding farm, when a foal moves away from its mother, it is important to take some time to be known, to play with it, and that the little one learns immediately to respect its owner. Once weaned, he will be able to live in the open air with the other foals, in large spaces that allow him to exercise and that push him to move to feed himself, even if his diet must be integrated with vitamins and supplements that help him to grow.

A foal must not leave the place where it lives up to 3 years. As for his feeding, the animal has to eat a lot but without getting too fat. It is preferable that he is thin, as his bones and joints are delicate, and are unable to hold the extra pounds.

The most important thing is his health, and an overweight foal will have problems as an adult. Furthermore, this problem may not make it fit for mounting. Therefore, it is important that he is lean in the first periods of his life.

Good character and well developed joints

A colt who lives in the open air will have a pleasant character, he will know how to respect a hierarchy and, when the moment of taming arrives, he will be able to listen to his trainers.

The articulations of the foals that have often been moving in a natural way and without being forced, will not develop in the same way as those of a horse that has spent much time in a stable, in an enclosure, in enclosed spaces, or has been over-nourished.

Even if it is enough to compensate for the lack of exercise outdoors by turning the horse around, making walks, etc., the benefits of outdoor activities are fundamental for the foals during the first years of life for proper development.

It is normal for an outdoor foal to be more prone to accidents, small fractures, cuts etc. Even his appearance will not be the best, for example he will have shaggy fur. It will not be as perfect as one raised in a box. But, for sure, the advantages of living outdoors will compensate for this messy appearance.

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