15 interesting facts about horses you need to know

facts about horses

The horse is an animal that has always lived and worked alongside man. It has been fundamental in areas such as hunting, agriculture, industry, war, as well as in sport. If you have a passion for this exceptional quadruped, it is possible that you already know many things about him. However, we have decided to summarize in this article 15 curiosities about horses that you can’t miss. Continue reading “15 interesting facts about horses you need to know”

The classic doma, a real show

classic doma

The classical taming is one of the Olympic disciplines of equitation. It is one of the most challenging, but it becomes a wonderful show based on the strength, beauty and dexterity of the horse.

In dressage, as is known in classical taming, the knight is able to highlight the majesty of the animal and develop a game of identification with the horse, the result of hard training that translates into one of the most harmonious disciplines ever, which suits both the horse and the sport. Continue reading “The classic doma, a real show”