Pregnant mare: Everything you need to know

Pregnant mare

A pregnant mare requires special care and attention to maintain the balance of her body and ensure the health of the fetus. As owners, you will have to worry primarily about two crucial aspects: nutrition and protection from pests and other microorganisms.

The mares begin to be ready for mating in spring. Until the arrival of summer, the female is likely to show heat symptoms every 3 weeks. Continue reading “Pregnant mare: Everything you need to know”

How to start raising horses correctly

start raising horses

Raising horses means having to make up for a large number of problems. This is a complex activity that requires responsibility, time, dedication and considerable financial investment. But it is a very rewarding activity.

The horse is a noble, intelligent and sensitive animal. If properly grown, it will become your ideal life partner. Here is a series of useful information and practical tips for those who want to enter the fascinating world of horse breeding. Continue reading “How to start raising horses correctly”

The benefits of raising horses in the open air

raising horses

Horses must be raised in the open air. This is fundamental for the correct development of these animals, and it is very important that the people who want to take care of them know the different breeds of horses and have all the resources necessary to do so. One of the essential things is space. You must think that as adults they are large animals and that they need to run. Continue reading “The benefits of raising horses in the open air”