The best breeds of Spanish horses

Spanish horses

Since ancient times, the Spanish horse breeds have been among the most appreciated and requested. The Iberian country has given birth too many equine varieties, often famous, as in the case of the Andalusian thorough breeds. But, still today, there are a number of very interesting horses that are worth knowing better. If you love horses and are interested in discovering the best breeds born in Spain, don’t miss this article. Continue reading “The best breeds of Spanish horses”

10 most beautiful and powerful draft horse breeds

horse breeds

Draft horses, as they are known today, only appeared after the 18th century. The breed was selected for military, agricultural and industrial needs. And currently it is appreciated for its strength and traction capacity. They can reach up to 1000 kg in weight and need adequate care and food. In this article we will show you the 10 most beautiful and powerful draft horse breeds. Continue reading “10 most beautiful and powerful draft horse breeds”

The Percheron: The Samson of horses

The Percheron

Percheron is a breed of horse known for its strength, its resistance and its robustness. It is a very powerful animal and many specimens of this equine variety have often become the largest in the world. Known as “the Samson of horses” for its physical characteristics that bring it closer to the famous biblical hero, today we present it to you in depth, so that you can know it better. Continue reading “The Percheron: The Samson of horses”

Do you know the origins of horses?

origins of horses

Today we will talk about the origins of horses, or as everyone knows, the horse, one of the most beautiful and elegant animals in the world. The horse has accompanied human beings for thousands of years, and has always been a perfect work companion.

Horses have been evolving for 50 million years, but it is only in recent decades that scientists have tried to establish their origin exactly. With this article we want to reveal the secrets of their origin. Continue reading “Do you know the origins of horses?”

The Andalusian: The most elegant of horses

The Andalusian

With its elegant trot and gentle gallop, Andalusian is a horse with a bright coat. The most common color is gray, but also the bay, the morello and the roan appear. Its origins date back to the fifteenth century. Bred by monks from the monasteries of Seville and Jerez, the breed was then influenced by crosses with the horses of the invading armies during Muslim rule. Continue reading “The Andalusian: The most elegant of horses”

Horses: Where do they come from?


Today we will talk about the origins of equus horses or, if you prefer, simply horses, according to many the most beautiful and elegant animals in the world. For thousands of years they have been faithful companions of man and helped him in the hardest jobs.

The origin of horses is, in our opinion, a very interesting topic, in fact for several decades many researchers have been trying to trace the exact origins of this noble animal. Continue reading “Horses: Where do they come from?”

The Origins of Horses

Origins of Horses

The horses are magnificent creatures, symbolizing beauty, elegance and strength. Man has used these majestic animals for centuries, but have you ever wondered where horses come from? We invite you to learn a little more about this magnificent species, which is and has been among us for so long and which has helped us so much. Continue reading “The Origins of Horses”

The Friesian Horse: Robust, Powerful and Indefatigable

Friesian Horse

The Friesian horse is an equine species native to the Netherlands. Its name refers to the region from which it comes: Friesland. Known to be the war horse of the German military, it is very popular in countries like the Netherlands and Belgium.

The Friesian horse stands out for its docile temperament. For this reason, it is used in riding schools to learn how to ride. At present, this species can be seen in equestrian fairs and dressage competitions. Continue reading “The Friesian Horse: Robust, Powerful and Indefatigable”