The best breeds of Spanish horses

Spanish horses

Since ancient times, the Spanish horse breeds have been among the most appreciated and requested. The Iberian country has given birth too many equine varieties, often famous, as in the case of the Andalusian thorough breeds. But, still today, there are a number of very interesting horses that are worth knowing better. If you love horses and are interested in discovering the best breeds born in Spain, don’t miss this article. Continue reading “The best breeds of Spanish horses”

How to transport horses correctly

transport horses

Carrying horses is a very frequent operation for those who use their animals for sporting, agricultural or simply raising activities. Often it is necessary to bring your quadruped around, to make it run, to move it or even to let it visit the vet. Many times it becomes a delicate task, especially when it causes stress problems or certain trauma to the animal. Ensuring the essential conditions of well – being and care is therefore fundamental. Here are some considerations for ideal transport for horses. Continue reading “How to transport horses correctly”